Do you dream?

I dream every night. I don’t always remember the details, thank goodness, because some of them are nightmares. Lately my husband tells me I have been shouting & screaming but I have no knowledge at all, I wake with a feeling of sadness and sometimes with a sore throat but no details of the dream to tell him what it was about. I just feel  glad its over. Anyway, last night, apparently, I was singing!!!  I was encouraging the group, come along now, LA LA LA & waving my hands about, as I do.

I have never heard of anyone do that, have you?

In my work I facilitate a singing group on a Monday, I just love it, today I am on leave, I wonder if I am missing it?  how strange is that?

I am going to sing all day today, I expect it will be this, we sing it towards the end of the session and it stays in my head;

Down in the jungle where nobody goes

There’s a big ole elephant washing her clothes

With a rub-a-dub-here and a rub-a-dub there

That’s how the elephant washes her clothes.

She goes thump thump, a boggie woogie woogie

Thump thump, a boggie woogie woogie

Rub-a-dub here  and a rub-a-dub there

That’s how the elephant washes her clothes.

Yes there are actions and we sing two more verses, one about a great big monkey and one about a big ole crocodile!

and it makes everyone laugh!

Love it!

What a great way to start your working week.

What goes into yours?

I had this idea.

I put in some photos

and some letters

and some cards,

and some money

and then it grew…

there were poems,

and quotes

and pockets

and memorabilia

and it grew…

a theatre card,



an accordian fold book,

a beer mat,

lots and lots of love

and bunting of course!

It just grew and

It just grew, just like Topsy!

Here are a few pictures and the rest of the project is here

The presentation box

I used page protectors for the coins, the pockets are sewn on my sewing machine. The coins are locked in with hand stitching.  Thanks to Shimelle Lane for the class on using your stash!

This was such a wonderful project to do and gave me lots of opportunities to try different techniques.

He loved it.

Photography class

Photography class with Cheryl Johnson

The 4 week on-line class (which I am loving) is about taking the camera off auto.

How scary was that?

This is week 2

I was really pleased with my results for the first assignment but I was a bit of a coward, as I have never posted anything on a forum before, I wasn’t too concerned.

Feeling a bit guilty I set about the second assignment straight away. As I was pleased with what I had achieved I posted really quickly. I got some fab feed back which has given me so much confidence. Thanks so much

Week one: setting the aperture.

I loved doing this. I am thrilled with the pictures of the flowers in my garden.  I feel as though my garden must be lovely to have such beautiful flowers in it when in fact it is an overgrown jungle!

Peony Blushing

Flag Iris Poached Egg


Remember me


Week two: setting the speed

This week I am learning about shutter priority! I never thought I would be able to take the camera off auto let alone choose what speed to set the shutter. I am so thrilled with the results.

The traffic normally races down our road but seeing me standing out side with a camera, suddenly they were all driving along very nicely at 30mph! I had to make some adjustments to my settings (more learning) to capture the essence of speed. I love the picture, thank you singing man.

Yes it was very windy in my garden on Saturday. I was thinking I might have to get the fan on the windmill but nature stepped in for me

papers are  Papermania Hampstead

I have decided that I need somewhere to put photo’s of the things I make.

Mostly I make stuff to give away to family and friends for birthdays, Christmas or just because. I am always making stuff and I love to share, I have done since I was a little girl so if there is anything that sparks an idea feel free to take it and run with it.

Scrapbooking and mini books are my favourite things to do with paper & glue. I make cards and sell some for charity. I knit and sew, can only crochet chains! I can’t turn the corners nicely. I am much too messy to paint but I love to have a go. Mostly I faff.

I am starting a photography course with Cheryl Johnson this week so there should be photos that you will actually be able to see.  That’s the plan…

Anyway enough explanation, this is where I will put things that have no-where else to go, a place to store stuff, you know the kind of thing? I’ll just put that somewhere safe!

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